Through very interactive sessions, the 23rd International Gas and Power Summit will address the following questions:

  • Where will natural gas demand and LNG come from in the next 5 – 10 years?
  • How can producers and buyers work together towards market consolidation?
  • How are FIDs affected in today’s lower oil prices environment?
  • How could renewables expansion impact the evolving role of natural gas?
  • Implementation of COP21 Paris agreement: what are the main challenges and opportunities for the gas and power industry?
  • Should power generators prepare for the mass electrification of personal transport vehicles?
  • How is the electricity market liberalisation impacting the role of gas in the power sector?
  • LNG versus Russian Gas competition in European markets
  • What is the impact of LNG imports on European gas pricing dynamics?
  • Exploring the relations between gas, power & carbon pricing
  • How did low gas prices impacted infrastructure investments?
  • Will the new LNG wave shake the global supply-demand balance?
  • How are the innovation trends in European power markets impacting energy trading?

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